Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bacon Butties - Less is More

I was delighted when I heard that Prince Harry was 
serving Bacon Butties for the next-day breakfast after
yesterday's wedding of Prince William and Catherine
"Kate" Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

This was my family's traditional early-morning
breakfast prior to leaving on a big road trip. -Try to 
explain to someone used to BLTs that your sandwich
is nothing but Bacon & Bread!

There are many ways of serving this "less-is-more" sandwich
-some much posher and involving rolls, back bacon, butter 
and/or mayonnaise - but this is how they do it in the part of 
Lancashire that I'm from.  Salty, sweet, toothsome and 
mouthwatering, this simple sandwich proves that sometimes 
less is definitely more!

The Essential 
North Country Workingman's 
Bacon Sandwich.

Makes 1 serving:

2 slices white bread (not toasted), crusts removed
3-4 rashers of side bacon 

Cook the *bacon on medium heat, turning every few
minutes, until just beginning to crisp up.  Reduce heat
and allow to cook until most of the fat has been rendered

Arrange the bacon horizontally on 1 of the bread slices - 

do not pat the bacon dry first; leave some of the hot bacon
fat on the bacon. 

Top with the other slice of bread, press down gently; cut sandwich in
half and devour.

*Here's a good tip for cooking bacon:
Cut the slices in half before cooking.  The slices will 
perform better - retaining their shape and cooking 
more evenly.  

Bacon cooked from frozen in 10-12 minutes:

Bacon freezes well in half-slices; freeze
in single-serving portions, laying flat till frozen.  
To defrost, put in pre-warmed stainless steel pan 
on very low heat; cover, and every 2 minutes remove 
lid and separate the slices with a knife & fork as they 
become soft. This whole process only takes about 6 
minutes. Then lay the bacon out in the pan and cook 
on medium till done (another 4 - 6 minutes).

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