Wednesday, April 13, 2011

About The Solitary Gourmet

"We Dine Solo But We Are Not Alone"

The above motto exemplifies the mandate of this blog:

To provide & share recipes for Lone Foodies who love to cook,
as well as those who would like to enjoy cooking for themselves
more than they already do.

There will be several recurring features, which will include:

  • Quick-Fix (easy preparation and minimum wait time)
  • Default Dinners (standbys we can rely on)
  • Freezer Fare (meals & sides - cook once, freeze more for later)
  • Breakfast for Dinner (indulge your inner child)
  • Winging It (recipes for Chicken Wings)
  • Treat Time

Once a month I will also feature a Word Search Puzzle for Foodies.

Please feel free to contact me at:

Your comments are also welcome!

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